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My name is Mark Curé

I'm a thirty-one year old content creator. Besides that I'm a fitness enthusiast and energy-drink lover I'm a very passioned photographer and videographer. 

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I was not, like many others, one of those people who was given a camera at a young age and fell in love with photography or videography early on. My interest in photography started about ten years ago, when I bought my first serious DSLR camera. I used this camera mainly on holidays to make a photo book or to have these photos printed. I always loved to do this because of the memories people have of certain photos. My interest, and later on my passion, for videography started later. Actually at the moment I bought a GoPro camera. Also with this camera I mainly made footage during holidays to make cool (action) videos to show them to my friends or post them online.

My interest in both photography and videography was taken to a new level when I bought my first drone. Due to a fellow student and several photos and videos online I became very interested in drone photography and videography. From here I also wanted to develop myself with a 'normal' camera so I replaced my DSLR camera for a digital camera from Sony, which is very suitable for both photography and videography. Meanwhile I also replaced my drone for a better and handier model, so I'm able to make the best visual stories. 


With the combination of these tools, my developed passion, interests and skills, I am convinced that I can create something beautiful for everyone.


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